Raintree Nursery

We ordered some plants from Raintree Nursery this winter, and they just arrived.  Over the next few days, we’ll be working on getting them planted, pruned, and mulched.  We’re posting this to share our experience with Raintree Nursery.

We ordered 2 different peach trees, 3 different grape fines, and 3 wintergreen plants.

The packaging on these plants was fantastic.  They were very secure and well packaged.  Everything was in great shape, nothing broken, and roots still moist.

What impressed us most about our experience with Raintree was the instruction manual they included.  This had instructions for planting and caring for all of the different plants they sell.  It also had great information about how to store the plants themselves if you couldn’t plant right away.

The only thing they could have done better was to be more communicative about when the plants were coming.  We knew they would ship in the spring, but not when, and we only had two days notice when we got the UPS notification.  This was a minor problem though.

We will certainly be using Raintree in the future for nut trees, more fruit trees, and various berry bushes.

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