Chicken Rotation

Chickens lay best in their first year of production after they’ve begun laying. Most chickens will slowly decline in production until they stop laying sometime in their 5th or 6th year, though this can vary a bit by breed.

Our long term goal is to have a gradient of ages among our flock, so we’ve always got some at the peak of their production, and some that are tapering off. Those that are culled will be put to good use, and all new birds rotated in will be hatchlings that are certified as pest and disease free.

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Identifying Good Layers

We have 13 hens at the moment, 7 that appear to be laying, 3 that are old enough to lay but don’t appear to be, and 3 that should begin laying by October.  Our judgement of the number that appear to be laying is supported by the fact that the highest production for a day yielded seven eggs.

This brings about the question of how to determine which ones are laying.

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